Sunday, December 31, 2006


The Dolphins lost their 10th game today. Ho hum. There wasn't all that much to talk about. Cleo Lemon started at QB. A few other players got on the field for a little playing time.

Miami had a legit shot at winning this game, but came up empty. And, actually, their troubles all stem from the time the clock read 1:37 to go until the half, until the half. You see, Miami had trimmed the lead to 7-6, and just needed a stop to hold off the vaunted attack of the Colts. They couldn't even slow them down...and Peyton scoring an 11 yard rushing TD.

Then, Miami got the ball back with about 15 seconds left. I heard Joe Rose and Jimmy Cefalo debating whether they should allow Lemon to take three shots down the field, or whether they should play conservative. I sided with Jimmy, and thought that since its week 16, why not air it out? Lemon throws it up, and its picked off, and two plays later, the Colts kick a field goal to make it an 11 point lead.

That changed the whole game, I would say...

Oh, and while Lemon had a decent day, that throw out of the endzone on the last play was a little errant, and showed he still has a little ways to go with his development.
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