Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A word about the patsies

I watched their game this past weekend against the Jaguars with an eye on how good or bad they really are. And I have to say that overall they are no better and no worse than the Dolphins. Except for having Tom Brady.

I'm pretty sure that if they didn't have Brady, they'd be 6-9, like Miami, and fighting for last place. But, as it is, they're 10-5. Brady is an accurate passer who presents good leadership skills and has an ability (the intangible if you will) to make things happen on the field.

There aren't many QBs like him these days, probably fewer than 10 of them in total. They can overcome some otherwise mediocre play by the team. And on the other side, you have another few teams that can live with the "average" QB because of the ability of another player, or the defense on the whole (think Chicago).

My point is this: Miami could be leading the division if they could just find that "special" QB, and might be in the hunt if they had someone above average. Nick and Randy Mueller certainly have tried, bringing in Frerrote last year, and Joey and Daunte this year. But, these guys clearly aren't the answer. Give credit though: playing Cleo a little will at least give a sense of whether he can be that guy.
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