Thursday, December 21, 2006

waning interest

You've got to figure I'm a big football fan. Otherwise, why would I create a site like this?

But, the NFL is making it harder for me to enjoy the game. I don't get the NFL network. I automatically can't see a game each week. I don't have the Sunday ticket, so I get whatever games they want to give me on Sunday afternoon - and with the new rules if Miami is at home, I get the Phins and one other game. I also can see Sunday and Monday night, but Monday night football just isn't the same since it moved to ESPN.

And I used to love catching the off game on Saturdays near the end of the season. Now, they don't exist except on the NFL network.

...its too bad that most of the Sunday and Monday night games have been mediocre, because that doesn't help anything.

I think they need to find a new way to let me see the games!
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