Monday, December 04, 2006

Talk about piling on

Fans and the media are starting to pile onto Nick Saban. He is now 14-14 all time as the Phins head coach, and there are those who think he's not good enough, or that the team is no better now than when he took over.

I wholeheartedly disagree. I think Nick is a good coach with a winning attitude. He has made some blunders to be sure (read: Drew Brees). And when coaching, he sometimes makes you scratch your head. But you have to look a little beyond those things.

He motivates his players. He has the right attitude. And, he started off from a very bad place. Don't forget that Rick and Dave left him in a salary cap mess. He had (and has) some players that he might not have otherwise picked, and is tied to them because of their contracts. He chruned the roster a lot, but there are only so many players available, and only so much money to spend on those players. Which ones would have been an upgrade for sure? Have you ever tried to play fantasy football? Does every player perform as you'd expect?

Yeah, they're 5-7, and that's not good enough. But, there's no disarray there, and everyone is a part of the team. Things are kept "in house." There's no bickering.

I've had an opportunity to meet him, and I can say that I came away impressed. He will succeed, but it may take a little time. Players have to understand its up to them to make the plays. And he has to learn how to remove himself sometimes and make calls that best benefit the team because this is not college.

We'll see.
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