Tuesday, December 12, 2006

QB development

I think Joey Harrington has the goods. I liked him when he was at Oregon, and believed he was a good acquisition for the Lions, and quietly wished he could have made it to Miami...

And here it is a few years later, and he's here. Do I think any less of him? Nope. He got a bit of a bad deal in Detroit, and was blamed for a lot of things. And he picked up a few mildly bad habits, which he has mostly put behind him.

But, he never really developed fully as a QB. And I'm guessing that's because he never really had a mentor, or a QB coach who really could help him out. Sure, he's made some strides here (in spite of what some of our local media says about him), but he could still use some help, methinks.

So, I'm going to make a suggestion to the team: why not consider Don Strock as a QB coach or some assistant? He's the guy who mentored Dan Marino, and helped him to develop. And he's currently unemployed.
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