Sunday, December 03, 2006

Nick Saban

I don't get it. Coaches around the collegiate rank lose their jobs, and one of the first people they mention as a "candidate" is Nick Saban.

But, the Alabama job is particularly vexing. A report surfaced that Saban was interested in the job and that he had been contacted about it. Denial ensued. "I'm flattered," quoth he.

Then, it came back again. A reporter has said he was going to be interviewed this week.

Hang on. I actually read both articles. The first said that he had been considered as a candidate, and that they were going to contact him to guage interest. The second said that they want to try and arrange an interview with him.

Here's what I take from that: the reporter is trying to stir it up a bit. He wants a great coach at the head of the program. Heck, maybe even the program is thinking wishfully about it. And the "blowback" (when other news media reports on an article as though its all fact) has been extensive. But, I have my doubts that its any more than that.

Its talk. And dreams. Because, as Nick said, why would he go back? Boosters. Drive to win every game. Committees. Presidents. Athletic directors. And the fans. And for less money.
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