Monday, December 11, 2006

More on the series

Again with respect to CBS and the NFL, screen captures are shown here to tell the story...

So, its first and 10 on the 33, after the 15 yard penalty. On the next play, there's a direct snap to Pass. He rolls to the right side of the offense, and throws back to Brady, who throws for a TD pass.

The problem was that the pass to Brady was a *forward* pass (Pass was at the 41 1/2 and Brady caught it at the 39 - you can see him reach out to catch it, and then he has it just before heaving it). So, Brady's pass was a 2nd forward pass, and therefore illegal.

The rule is clear, that this results in a 5 yard penalty for 2 forward passes. There is another rule - a combination loss of down and 5 yard penalty - when the passer is over the line of scrimmage. This did not apply.

Saban was livid, but the ref did ultimately get it right. It was now 1st and 15 for the Patriots.

Then, CBS made it worse by continuing to say that it should have been a loss of down. That was incorrect. So, when you look at the screen shots, realize that the downs are incorrect, and on the 2nd play after the penalty - which should have been 2nd down - the down marker says 2, but CBS says 3rd. Then, CBS says 3rd again when it is actually third.

In summary, what transpired *on the field* was wholely correct. The officials had the correct call, distance, and downs on each play.

Nice going!

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