Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hey, Beavis, this sucks

For the record, I think Nick Saban is staying in Miami. And I'm still inclined to think that's a good thing. But, I wanted to reiterate that I'm wavering on that point.

I wasn't impressed with what I saw this evening. How in the heck can one team miss that many tackles? Overall, Miami played a good game, but they couldn't wrap anyone up. And worse than that, on at leat 6 occasions, Miami had an opportunity to make a game altering turnover, but they came up empty every stinking time!

...except on the one play where the punt bounced against the Jet, and Miami recovered. But, here's where Mularkey missed a golden opportunity: often, on the ensuing play, defenses are coming back on the field with their heads down, and its time to strike! Go for it all, and you may succeed.

Miami didn't, and found themselves facing 4th and 1 inside the 20. The score was 10-7 Jets with under 3 minutes left. I'm sitting in my chair thinking "you're 6-7, and have a chance to show some moxie. Go for it!!!" ... and of course, out comes the field goal unit. Sure, it moved to 10 all, but Miami was playing for the tie like it might somehow matter. It didn't, and the Jets got the 70 yard run after that.

The Jets now have the inside track to get to the playoffs. And Miami has the inside track to draft in the top 10, regardless of who's coaching.
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