Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The haves and the Hadnots

And seeing Adams reminded me (because Adams looks a little like a smaller Rex Hadnot) about a sequence from the game yesterday that I thought changed the complexion of the game.

It was 3rd and 1 in Dolphins territory. Joey dropped back into the pocket. He scanned the field a few times and had decent protection. Then, a lineman broke free and was bearing down on Joey. Harrington simply threw the ball away, but got called for intentional grounding. And though I don't often agree with Mr. Thees-man, he was right, it was clearly grounding.

Joey didn't think so, and started arguing with the ref. He started to lose his cool, but then regained his composure and trotted off the field. Rex Hadnot decided to take up the effort and started yelling at the ref. He was pretty hot, and lost his composure.

The official flagged Hadnot for unsportmanlike conduct. So, it went from what might have been 4th and 1, to a 4th and 26, and Miami had to punt from inside their own 20. In the overall scheme of things, it mattered little, but it was a moment that I thought had a correlation to the outcome.
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