Monday, December 04, 2006

Defining part of the game

Miami was up 7-3. There were about 10 minutes to go until the half. Joey drove them down to the 4. On first down, Morris ran for a yard loss. On second down, he threw incomplete toward Chambers. Then, on third down, he throws the ball slightly behind Chambers who tips it up in the air. You could probably guess the outcome - interception.

The Jags take over at the 4, and mount a 96 yard drive for a score. So, right there was a 14 point swing in the score. There are now just under 2 minutes left. In addition, Jason Taylor gets injured on the drive and leaves the game for the remainder of the half. Oh man, did they miss him...

Jacksonville kicks off, and the usually capable Wes Welker mishandles the ball and it bounces out at the 9 yard line.

Miami appears ready to run out the clock. Morris runs for 9, and then Joey lines up in the shotgun and hands to Morris for 5 more. But, then Mike Mularkey sends in a play that confounds: a pass that goes 15 yards up the right side. Joey is pressured and McMichael is well covered. Its another interception that's run down the field.

Somewhat surprisingly, two plays later, Jacksonville scored again to take a 17-7 lead at the half.

So, while Miami looked poised to increase the lead to at least 10-3, and maybe 14-3, its was suddenly 10-7, and then 17-7 while we watched in a stupor.

And there was the game, folks.
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