Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Over the past few weeks, I've heard a number of stories about Daunte. Maybe his rehab wasn't going well. Maybe he stopped it. He had a roe with the coach. He might be cut. You name it, it was out there.

Then, last night Steve Young voiced his opinion. He said he thought Daunte needed to be more mature, and that his missing team meetings was a problem.

Daunte heard the view on him while sitting in a skybox at the stadium....and oddly, he walked to the press box and waited for Steve Young to step out, and exchanged words with him. They were reportedly animated but amicable. Joe Thiesman stepped out, and was involved in the conversation. Daunte expressed that there weren't any missed meetings (other than meeting a doctor) and his "rehab is going well."

Young apologized, and Thiesman carried some of the updated info to the viewers. But, this just seemed odd. Why did a report like this surface? And why did Daunte feel the need to confront Young to fix it? And why won't Daunte talk to the media locally, so some of these other rumors will disappear?

Now, it really makes me wonder if Daunte will be around next year or beyond....
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