Sunday, December 03, 2006

A comment not made

I wanted to try and help understand the "tradition" of popping the cork on a bottle of bubbly when the last team falls. This is a bit of a misunderstood topic.

You see, Dick Anderson always publicly celebrated when the last team lost. He was proud of the accomplishment. Occasionaly, Nick Buoniconti would join him because he lives literally down the block.

Then, on the 25th anniversary of the accomplishment - in 1997 - a small group of former players who live in the neighborhood got together and toasted the accomplishment. Anderson, Buoniconti, and Bob Griese were among them. It was a nice tribute on that particular anniversary.

Since that time, Anderson has continued his celebration. But, its nearly always "alone" and there's reportedly no champagne involved.

The whole thing - for better or worse - is blown out of proportion.
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