Tuesday, December 12, 2006

and speaking of QBs

I really don't understand the Daunte Culpepper situation. He came here injured, and may or may not have been ready to play. But, Saban, the trainers, and Culpepper thought he was ready to start.

He did, and lasted a few games before getting benched. Most people would agree that it was a few games too many, because he didn't do much and looked tentative on the field, and certainly didn't lead with any authority.

He was sent to the second team for a few weeks, while he continued his rehab. Then, he was "demoted" to the third team for a few weeks, as the rehab dragged on. Ultimately, he dropped to inactive, meaning there were 3 QBs ahead of him (Harrington, Lemon, and Vick). He had more surgery, and Nick said he might consider moving Culpepper to injured reserve at some point, depending on his rehab.

More weeks pass, and there's a situation where Miami is short a roster spot, and takes a gamble in releasing Joe Berger to free up a slot, and the Cowboys sign him. But, couldn't they have put Culpepper on IR if that was an issue?

So, today, Saban put Culpepper on IR. He said he wanted to have an experienced QB on the roster if he needed him. Okay, sounds fine. But, isn't he injured? And aren't there other QBs out there, should something happen?

And why now? There're still a few weeks left. What changed?

I can't figure this out...I'm wondering if Culpepper will even be around next year...
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