Monday, November 13, 2006

Who's better Huard or Fiedler?

The year that Fiedler was brought to Miami was the year that Marino retired. Huard was the "heir apparent" to Marino, and Marino suggested that Huard was ready. For most of the season, the call-in shows were lighting up with "I wonder how Huard would have done?" Or "don't you think Huard should get a chance because he's the better QB?"

Fiedler lasted a while here (unfortunately) and is now out of the league. Huard bounced around a little and found his way to KC, where he backed up Trent Green. Green was knocked out of a game, and he got his chance...he played well for 4 games and there was a bit of a QB controversy brewing. And then, his performance was sub-par against Miami, and it looks like Green might be coming back...
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