Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Where was Dave?

I said I wouldn't watch the game against the Bears. And I didn't. I was headed down to the Keys for an extended weekend. I did see a small part of the game on a TV in a restaurant, and I did catch some of the game on the radio. But, I didn't sit and watch the game, nor have I seen any real hilights since the game was played.

But, I do have it on Tivo and hope to watch it tonight. Sure, I know they won, and it was "big" but that's really all I know. It feels weird, but when they went in at 1-6, it just didn't seem to matter so much.

Incidentally, one of my stops was at the Dolphins Research Center. At first, I thought it was a place that was trying to understand why the football team was so bad, but it turns out that they're studying the mammals. And it is cool and highly recommended.
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