Sunday, November 05, 2006

what the..... ?

Marty Booker was asked about the trade that sent him from Chicago to Miami, and whether that motivates him to play hard. He responded: "Look, I'm not going to go up there thinking about sticking it to them. I look at it as what happens is going to happen. Things are predestined. So I guess it wasn't meant for me to have a successful season somewhere."

So, is he saying that he doesn't need to play hard because the outcome and his performance are pre-determined? C'mon dude, lets not get all existential or anything, but how can you not have any influence over what happens to you or what you contribute in your life or in a game?

If this is, in fact, what you believe, then you can't possibly contribute and shouldn't be around!

...and just what does he mean by 'it wasn't meant for me to have a successful season' he talking about being 1-6?
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