Friday, November 24, 2006

What a performance

Playing after only 3 days off is hard. But, players enjoy it because it keeps the adrenalyne pumping, and they know they'll get 10 days off after the second effort.

Miami, though, came in flat. They seemed unprepared for Mike Martz' offense, and couldn't seem to get any cohesiveness on offense themselves. Now, maybe on defense it was because there were a couple of new starters in the backfield. And maybe Joey was a little jittery in his return to Detroit (I mean, after all, who wants to go back there?)

Detroit drove it right down the field and took an early 7-0 lead, and later extended it to 10-3. But, Miami hung in there, and finally started generating some offense. It didn't take too long for Miami to take a lead they wouldn't relinquish.

Other than the slow start, pretty much everything went Miami's way. They rushed for over 150 yards, they got the passing game in synch. And, on defense, they had a few turnovers, and 8, yes, I said 8, sacks.

The only real problem was that a couple of guys went down with injuries. Most notable among them was Ronnie Brown. It appears as though he fractured his hand, and may miss some playing time.

But, for now, we celebrate the 4 game win streak, and the return from the edge of the cliff.

The way they are playing, they could, possibly, beat any team in the league.
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