Monday, November 13, 2006

To relay or not to replay?

Near the end of the game, Yermiah Bell appeared to intercpet a pass. One official ruled it incomplete a few moments later, and then all of the officials conferred and it was ruled incomplete.

They showed a replay on the big board, and I would say the first replay looked like it was an interception. The others appeared inconclusive, thought one of the guys I hang out with said he thought he saw the ball come out on one replay.

Tony Gonzalez was injured on the play, so there was a timeout on the field. The officials were watching the replay on the big board.

...there were less than 2 minutes left, so its up to the replay official to call for a review. And he did not, in spite of the number of times he and the officials on the field saw it.

Now, I'm not saying it was picked off. As I say, I couldn't tell for sure. But, this was the play that would have effectively ended the game, and it struck me that the play was questionable enough to have gone to a replay *just to be sure*...

On another play, Miami called a gadget play. Ronnie Brown took the handoff and then attempted a pass to Chris Chambers. Chambers made the catch, but came down out of bounds. It appeared as though Sertain pushed Chambers, and maybe it would fall into the forceout rule.

They showed a replay, and it appeared maybe this was indeed true, and the fans booed lustily.

But, the play couldn't be reviewed. Two factors were at work: Chambers feet appeared to be in position to come down out of bounds, whether he was pushed or not. And, more importantly, the force out rule is a judgement call and is not reviewable.
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