Monday, November 13, 2006

Miami 13, Chefs 10

"Yeah, but who are the chefs?"
"great moogley boogley"
--a line from one of my favorite commercials.

So, Miami was coming off a big win against Da Bears. The Chiefs were playing tough football, and were powered by Larry Johnson. The Chiefs were favored by a point and a half, and it might have been more except that Miami has a very good defense.

Huard was knocked down early, and often, which I have to believe affected his ability to throw it. And the Chiefs didn't have a 1st down in the 1st half. Wow.

And...Miami held Johnson to 75 yards rushing, and basically dominated the game for a half before allowing a late rally by the Chiefs. But, it wasn't enough as Miami held on to win the game.

Here are three stats that stand out at me: no interceptions, one penalty, and no sacks. That's how Miami fared. If they could do that every week, they'd be leading the division right now.

And the penalty actually didn't hurt the team too badly: Bowens was called for a face mask after Huard ran for a first down. The ball was at about the 6, so it moved forward to the 3.
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