Monday, November 20, 2006

Dolphins win their 3rd straight

It was an interesting game.  One that was very much in doubt throughout the afternoon.  Given the nice weather, and the fans who were pleasant enough, it was a great day to watch a football game.
Miami got the football on the opening kickoff, and ran off 11 plays.  The first two were runs, and then we had 8 straight passes from a 5 wide-receiver set.  4 and a half minutes later, Miami faced first and goal at the one.  They hurried to the line, still showing 5 wide, and Minnesota had to burn a timeout.  Miami realigned, and ran a slow developing running play that saw Ronnie Brown lose the handle on the football.  Turnover, and the Vikings had a first and 10 from the 4. 
11 plays later, Minnesoat faced a first and goal at Miami's 1, and Chester Taylor dove in for the score.  Miami later got a TD to Justin Peele, and was leading 10-7 in the third.  That's when Harrington found Chris Chambers wide open up the seam, and he ran by everyone 58 yards for the score.  Except that Peele had been pushed to the ground while pass blocking, and he rolled into the defensive tackle, who was already being blocked.  So, Peele was called for a chop block, and the TD was negated.  At that point, it was game on.
Minnesota tied and then went ahead after a pick of Joey Harrington.  Miami struggled mightly after that.  They could not get a first down, and traded punts with the Vikings for a while.  This is the point at which Miami really needed a defensive takeaway, and presumably a score.  And with just over 9 1/2 minutes left, they got just that. 
Reynaldo Hill scooped up a fumble and rumbled 60 yards for a score.  But, it wasn't over yet.  Miami was trying to run some clock, but once again, couldn't seem to get a first down.  It was a nailbiter, as it seemed it would be a test of whether Miami could hold onto the lead, or whether Minnesota would get the break and score a TD.
And that's when JT took over the game.  He was in on every tackle.  He got a sack.  And, most imprortantly, he picked off Brad Johnson near midfield, and rumble into the endzone for a TD.  He was aided by two key blocks - the most telling of which was a Jason Allen thunk on Brad Johnson.
And Miami held off the Vikings 24-20 to steal the victory.  It was a nice way to end the day...
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