Tuesday, October 17, 2006

TMQ Comment

Here's what the Tuesday Morning Quarterback had to say this week about the

Miami Dolphins Sack-O-Meter: The Dolphins surrendered no sacks at Jersey/B
-- but three turnovers versus none for your opponent will pretty much do it
to you. The serious pun potential Mike Mularkey ran a dreadful offense in
Buffalo for two years: dull playcalling, poor offensive line performance,
erratic quarterbacking plus a megabucks running back struggling to seem
average. Now Mularkey is running the Miami offense, and does anything sound
familiar? Meanwhile with Drew Brees playing fabulous and Daunte Culpepper
benched, Miami's offseason looks ever-worse. Brees was eager to join the
Dolphins as a free agent; Nick Saban decided he'd rather give up a
second-round draft pick to trade for Culpepper. If you had to choose now,
what would you say was the worst management decision of the offseason: Mario
Williams over Bush or Young, or Culpepper over Brees plus a second-round

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