Sunday, October 01, 2006

Rule notes

At the end of the game, Miami attempted an onside kick. The ball went about 7 yards, and Texans player went up for the ball, but muffed it. The ball bounced onto the turf, and Adams for Miami dove on it. But, as he tried to cradle the ball, he was hit, and the ball rolled out of bounds.

The officials conferred about the call because they wanted to get it right. And at the end, they did get it right: it was Houstons ball where it went out of bounds.

So, here's what they probably were looking for:
* Did it go 10 yards before it was touched by Miami? No.
* Did a Houston player touchit first? yes
* Did Miami recover it before it squirted free? Hard to tell at that moment, but probably not.
* Who touched it last before it went out of bounds? Houston

Because here's the situation - if Miami had gained control, it would have been Miami's ball. In the event on onside kick goes out of bounds, but no one ever had control, it goes to the team that last touched it.

So, it was important to decide who last touched it. Miami would have had one last chance had the Houston player not knocked it out.
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Something to ponder...

With 25% of the season completed, Miami is 1-3. At this rate, The Fins would finish 4-12.

Is it too early to think about our first -round draft pick?