Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Roger Goodell interview

I saw some text from a recent interview with the commish the other day.  He was asked some questions about Miami hosting the next SuperBowl and what he thought about Soth Florida as a venue for the big show.  As one might expect, he said he thought Miami was a great place to host the game, and that its always successful, and it stands to reason that there would have been 10 here: there's good weather, plenty of hotels, and lots of activities that make it appealing.
He was then asked what he thought of the stadium construction and the "supersite" concept that was floated last year.  He was intrigued by the construction, and thinks it will really add some additional appeal to the stadium.  He thinks H Wayne is doing his best to keep the stadium fresh, and delighting the fans.  And, interestingly, he thought the supersite is not at all dead, and supports the idea of having the game played in Miami on a refular basis - and pointed out that with 25% of all superbowls, it really already is.
One other thing of note: the reporter asked him what he thought about Wayne privately funding the construction, and he replied that that's sort of misleading.  H is funding it himself, BUT, he also can deduct (and is deducting) some of the money he would normally be paying to revenue sharing in order to, well, repay himself for the costs.  So, as Goodell explained it, the league is involved in the financing.
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