Monday, October 23, 2006

Play of the game

The interception return for the TD was quite the game breaker. Ahman Green's run was huge.  The TD to Driver that may or may not have been a catch was a deal breaker.  But none of those really ended the game.
My take is that Miami wound up down by 10, and was trying to score late in the 4th quarter.  There was a drive that stalled with a couple of minutes left, and the Phins were facing a 4th and short down near the 30. 
...And I started shouting "YOU HAVE TO GO FOR IT!  PLEASE DON'T SEND IN MARE!" Of course, Saban decides to play for the tie and sends in the field goal unit.  You are 1-5. You are down by 10.  You have nothing to lose.  Making a field goal means that you're still down by 7, so you're basically playing for the tie.  "Fortune favors the bold" is the get the idea.
Mare kicks the ball and it clangs off the upright, and that's pretty much it. 
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