Sunday, October 01, 2006

Play of the game

Sure, the moment of truth was the 2 point conversion. Culpepper throws it to the back of the endzone, and both Chambers and Booker are falling down as the pass arrives.

And then, moments later, you had a perfectly squandered opportunity where the onside kick was nearly recovered by Miami, only to have it squirt free like a wet watermelon seed and go out of bounds.

But, Miami's real trouble can probably be traced to the time in the game where there were nearly 6 minutes remaining, and Miami was down 17-6. Its 4th and goal from the 4, and Nick decides to kick the field goal. That moment was defining, and I think ultimately decided the outcome of the game.
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Actually, Ronnie Brown threw the two-point attempt, but that speaks exactly to the heart of what I feel is the Fins' biggest problem, play-calling (with the porous offensive line a close second and the gimpy QB a not-so-distant third).

With the game on the line, a pass by the halfback is the best play Miami has??? The halfback pass gives the offense its best chance to score??? We have to resort to gimmickry in order to advance a measly two yards???

God help us all! It's going to be a long season.