Sunday, October 08, 2006

Patriots 20, Dolphins 10

I admit: I can't figure this team out. Their offense is anemic, and can't score more than 17 points in a game. The defense, meanwhile, has only allowed 28 (to Pittsburgh), and otherwise has kept it under 20.

...and so the team is 1-4, in spite of some good performances (particualrly on defense) and in spite of a 4 yard per carry rushing average. Sure, "bad luck" and some questionable coaching decisions are at least partially to blame.

Do I think they're the worst team? Hardly. They're bad, or they wouldn't be 1-4, but they're still within a game of both the Jets and the Bills.

Okay, so Miami didn't start this week with a fumble or a sack on the first play. Instead, they were driving the ball pretty effectively for a short time...then Ronnie Brown coughed it up, and the Pats took a lead they would keep for the afternoon.

Still, Miami hung tough. It was 13-10 for a long, long time in the game. Miami had a couple of opportunities to take the lead, but couldn't seem to seize the moment. I'd have to say that mid-4th quarter, when Miami recovered a turnover, there was a moment when I thought they had a chance. Harrington dropped back to pass and threw it long - Mularkey clearly intended to strike quickly after the turnover - but slightly overthrew Chambers, who appeared (to me) to be out of position.

And then, a bit later, Miami's defense was stopping the Pats time and again. But, Brady threw long and Will Allen was flagged for a hold that gave the Pats a 1st and goal at the 1. A quick TD put the game out of reach for Miami's inapt offense.
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