Monday, October 23, 2006

Packers 34, Dolphins 24

It did occur to me to say "Packers 34, Fudge Packers 24" but I thought better of it.  Or not.
This week, the script was a little different, and I am thankful for that in many ways.  But, there were eerie similarities to the other games, and ultiamtely, Miami lost.
Miami started off better than usual, completing a long pass on the first play before bogging down completely.  And they scored an 1st quarter TD that actually gave them a lead that they kept for the entire half.  I have to admit, I was impressed for a time, and thought they might actually find a way to win.  After all, I assumed that if the  Brett Favre v2.0 showed up, Miami might win, but if the Brett Favre version 1.0 showed up, Miami would lose.  Early on, it looked like it was v2.0, but that was only a bug in the system.
Miami came out in the second half, and received the football.  First play from scrimmage: Harrington passes to McMichael, the ball bounces up in the air, and Charles Woodson grabs it and runs 23 yards for the score.  And the lead was relinquished for good.  Miami did kick a field goal to get back in it a short time later, but then Ahman Green got the ball, ran through the Miami defenders to the endzone, ran into the tunnel and took the little DHL cart, drove that onto the field, and around the defenders, then got out and delivered a few was at that time, the Dolphins figured out that he had scored a TD and chased after him.  But it was much too late.
At this point, the Dolphins continued their effort to merely play for a tie.  Anything that may have happened from that point on was just for amusement.
...I did hear some people in the crowd chanting for Cleo Lemon to come into the game, and that proves two things to me: (1) the most popular guy in town is the backup QB, and (2) that fans are clueless. 
To the second point: Harrington had a decent day.  The fact that there were 62 passes isn't his fault.  The sub 50% completion rate can be traced to drops by receivers, of which there were many.
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