Sunday, October 01, 2006

On Ronnie Brown

Last year, when the Fins picked Ronnie #2, I was skeptical. He's a solid back to be sure, but he never carried the load on his own. But it seemed okay, because Miami had plans to share the load between Williams and Brown. Williams had the big runs and the more flashy stats. Brown was consistent, and a bit of a bull in the backfield.

I heard Marshall Faulk being interviewed the other day, and he was asked whether Brown was an elite back. He hesitated, and then gave a noncommittal answer "he has the potential to be." But, then, he was asked if backs either have "it" or they don't. He agreed. So, reading between the lines, he didn't think Ronnie was an elite back.

And I'm sitting here watching the Patriots play. And what do I see? An elite back in Lawrence Maroney. He is outstanding, and at least appears to be better than Brown was at the same point last year. I make no further comments than that.
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To be fair to Ronnie, I would say Maroney's offensive coordinator calls more running plays than Ronnie's OC.

Ronnie ran 12 times today. Maroney probably ran 12 times in the fourth quarter.

And they passed 40 times. No wonder they lost. That doesn't even count the five times they tried to pass, but were sacked instead. Mularkey appears to be essentially clueless. I'm beginning to long for the days of Kippy Brown.