Monday, October 23, 2006

Odd series / rulebook

Green Bay got the ball at their own 25 with just under a minute left in the half.

They moved the ball 32 yards in 5 plays, and faced a 4th and 1 at the Miami 43 with 8 ticks left. Miami was ahead 10-6, and a field goal here would trim it to a 1-point lead at the half. But, it would be a 60 yard score.

So, Green Bay elected to go for it. Favre threw quick across the middle, and the receiver went out of bounds after a 6 yard pickup. The booth called for a review, but the ref realized the play was not reviewable on a technicality (I believe it was because he was down by contact), so it was upheld.

Its now 1st and 10 on the 37 with 4 ticks left. They line up for the field goal, and a flag is thrown. Zach Thomas was called for a "disconcerting gesture" an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, and Green Bay is given an additional 15 yards. Turns out that while we thought Zach must have flipped someone off, he actually said something to shift the defense, and the ref thought he said "HUT" to cause a false start.

Interestingly, the play has already started when the flag is thrown and the kick goes up and through the uprights. I believe that there's a timing issue here. In most circumstances, the team will be given the choice of declining the penalty and taking the points OR of taking the points and having the penalty assessed on the kickoff. I'm assuming the officials decided the flag was thrown before the play was started, so there was no play. But, I believe they erred on this one, and Green By should have been given the option to take the points.

Now its first and 10 at the 22, still 4 ticks left. Green Bay lines up again. The ball is snapped, and the kick goes up and through. There's another flag on the play. This time, its a major facemask committed by a Packer. Its a 15 yard penalty to back it up to the 37 again.

The officials confer for a moment, and then comes an announcement that the half is over. In this case, this is a continuing action foul. The play did get off, and so the clock started. The foul occurred while the play was ongoing, and the 4 seconds ticked away, in spite of the fact the clock didn't move.

The half can not end on a defensive foul, but it *can* end on an offensive foul, and did.

You had a couple of interesting things happen, and it may have been the most exciting part of the afternoon.
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