Sunday, October 08, 2006

Key plays of the day

There were a number of plays that were odd on this day. I don't believe that any of them in particular were the reason Miami lost, but together, they impacted the outcome.

Let's start with special teams:
  • First, Mare slips and misses a FG early
  • Later, Mare simply shanks one
  • Then, you had a bad snap that caused Jones to drop a punt. What's odd is that New England was only rushing 4 against Miami's 8 blockers. The Dolphin players seemed so non chalant about the play that 3 of the 4 guys were in on Jones, and 6 guys were simply standing around. That's just pathetic.

    On defense:
  • Will Allen's interference call stood out (see my rule notes)
  • Will Allen also let a key first down happen in front of him

    On offense:
  • Harrington threw a ball that the db made a good break on. If I'm not mistaken, the pass was to Chambers, and he made no effort to try and get to the defender and break it up.
  • Then, he threw a ball that was tipped and intercepted. Welker was the intended receiver who tipped it, the db was actually covering Chambers. Chambers made no effort to try and come back to the ball, break it up, or otherwise change the course of the play. Then, after the interception, Chambers ran *away* from the flow of the play. Where was he going? To get his lunch?

  • Nick claimed to have learned how to throw the flag, but clearly he did not. On a play that Chambers may or may not have caught near the sidelines, Nick argued with Chambers for a moment, then pulled out the flag. He started to throw it, then pulled it back in. The players reacted with disgust at the result (no challenge). I'm guessing he figured the refs wouldn't see it.
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