Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Joe Bailey interview

I caught a bit of the Joe Bailey show last night.  He was talking about how the NFL plans to play some regular season games outside of the US, possibly as sooon as next season.  He is aware that there are some teams that really have expressed an interest in doing it, and that there are certain teams who have an international appeal, and would probably be asked to play in such a game.
And, of course, Miami is one of the teams that would probably be asked.  He gave all the politcially correct responses: we're glad we have the appeal, we want to follow the league, blah, blah, blah, but never did he say "We'd leap at a chance." I think they should do what every other major US company is doing, and simply outsource.  The NFL could create a league in India and have the "Miami Dolphins of Mumbai" hosting the "New England Patriots of New Delhi."
I wonder, though, how the "Washington Redskins of Bagalore" would be taken.
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