Monday, October 23, 2006

"Its worse"

Players that were around in 2004 for the Wannstedt error say that this season is "worse" and disagree with the coach's comments that there's are focus and execution problems.

Hmmm. The roster is about 90% different than it was under Wannstache. The coaching staff is 99% different. The support staff is relatively intact. So, in my humble opinion, the problem lay in one of the areas where there wasn't turnover. Do you think coaches Mel Phillips or Keith Armstrong are the problem? Do you think John Gamble (strength), Kevin O'Neill (trainer), or the team doctors are the problem?

I kind of doubt it.

So, that leaves the players who were left over from Wannstedt's tenure. And yes, I'm talking primarily about Chris Chambers, Randy McMichael, Jason Taylor, and Zach Thomas. Now, I'm not in the locker room, so I don't know for sure. But, I do see a lack of production and leadership from Chambers. McMichael has been decent, but also has lacked the leadership characteristic. And from both Taylor and Thomas, I see two guys who have always talked a lot, but not necessarily with positive intent.

Who are the ones who are mostly likely to be outspoken, and / or to have different opinions from the coach? Who are the "team leaders"? Yeah, you got it.

I question them, and wonder if they are really the source of the problem.
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