Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Hurricanes

I was waiting a while to say anything about the fracas on the field during
the 'canes game last week. I'm an alum of the university, and have been a
fan of theirs for a long time.

...this just sticks in my craw. Its not good, and it shows how the program
has gotten way out of control. It was bad under JJ. It was bad under
Ericson. But, this is worse. A bunch of thugs taking out their
frustrations on another (lesser) football team.

And I think the coach, the university, the ACC, and the NCAA have totally
missed on this one. Marcus Vick gets kicked out of school for stomping on a
player. And these guys face a one game suspension, except for one guy?

I believe that the guy who swung the helmet should have been kicked off the
team. Any player who kicked or threw a punch should have been suspended
indefinitely. Any player who left the bench should have been suspended for
one game.

...and if that meant that the university couldn't field a team for this
weekend's game, then so be it. Forfeit, have a bunch of walkons play, or
take the one game suspensions and cut them in half, so that only half of
them are suspended this week, and the other half would be suspended next

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