Sunday, October 15, 2006

Dolphins lose again...this time to the Jets

The formula goes something like this: start the game slowly on offense, and
play good defense. Let this go on for about 3 quarters. Then, allow one
big play from the opposition, and follow that up with a bad offensive
series. Allow the other team to take a bigger lead, then mount a late
comeback. But, come up short.

I think I described every game that they've played this year. And this week
was no different. Miami was down 3-0 for a long while, then 6-0 for a
while, then they allowed a long TD to make it 13-0, and when Miami's rally
started it was 20-3...

Describing these games sounds like a broken record. And frankly, I'm tired
of it. This week, they managed to run for about 150 yards, but the outcome
was the same. They played an inferior team that has two rookie starters on
the o-line and has no running game to speak of, and the outcome was the

They're 1-5, and its time to start looking at Mel Kiper's big board to see
who we might blow our draft pick on next year. There are just too many
holes on this team to fill.

But, then, at least we're not the university from the same town. There's a
team that's bad *and* out of control. That brawl on Staurday night was

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