Monday, October 09, 2006

Daunte's row with Saban

The talk around town is that Daunte and Saban had a heated exchange on
Friday about something, and then, the next day, Daunte was benched in favor
of Joey Harrington.

We here at Dave's would like to believe that the argument was about whose
was actually the best Dolphins website. The exchange probably went
something like this:

Saban: I'm tellin' ya, Dave's Bitchin' is awesome, a-ight.

Culpepper: But, won the best overall site again this year, so its

Saban: Better than Dave's Bitchin?! Never! I loved that piece about me and
Ricky having pizza [and which is available under running items] was so
funny. And whoever did the voices was fantastic.

Culpepper: coach, is more news oriented. They talk about the
team, and have great writers.

Saban: Well, if you don't like Dave's Bitchin' then I'm going to put you on
my list of "ain't gettin' it" and benching you.

Culpepper: What?

Saban: Well, you see its like this...[a 5 minute story

Culpepper: So I'm still starting?

Saban: No. Joey?

Joey: yeah, coach?

Saban: What's your favorite Dolphins site?

Joey: Dave's Bitchin. I love his wanker of the week. Sure hope I'm never

Saban: See, Daunte, Joey "gets it" so he's starting this week, a-ight.

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