Monday, October 23, 2006

Chris Chambers

I spent some time watching Mr. Chambers this week. He was nearly always single covered by Al Harris. Now Harris is a good db, but a good #1 receiver will often get open in single coverage. Chambers, to his credit, did get open a few times, but he didn't really find himself in a position to make a catch.

On one play, he had beaten Harris by about 5 yards. Harrington saw this, and threw the ball out there, leading Chambers away from the defender and toward the endzone. Chambers looked back at the ball and saw it coming, but made *no* adjustment to the ball. He simply kept running the same route at the same speed. The result was an incompletion over his head. Oh sure, he reached out to try and get it, but it was hopeless.

He wound up being thrown to 7 times, and made 2 catches. In other words, he stinks.
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