Monday, October 23, 2006

A blast from my own past

Back in 1987, I was at the University of Miami, when they lost the national championship to Penn State. I found a picture that I thought was ripe for doctoring, so I took out scissors and glue and got to work. I photocopied the result, and passed it around to some of my friends. And "somehow" a few copies showed up around campus tacked to bulletin boards.

Anyway, thus began a career of doctoring pictures, which ultiamtely led me to digital doctoring of pictures. That is more or less what this website started out like: doctored pictures that told a story. It has, of course, evolved since then to what you see today.

A friend of mine found this, and I felt the need to share it. Yeah, its no wonder UM lost, with Joe Pa playing for the Hurricanes!
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