Friday, September 08, 2006

Steelers 28, Dolphins 17

I was looking forward to the season finally getting started. And the Phins had a date to dance with the champ on opening night, no less! Wow, talk about what could be a great start to a season.

And, instead, I was underwhelmed. The Dolphins underperformed for about a quarter, and then played a decent half between the 2nd and 3rd quarters, matching the Steelers performance, and taking the lead.

...and then came the 4th quarter. Early on, Miami allowed a long TD (see my post about that topic!), followed by an interception, and then an interception for a TD.

I admit, it wasn't all *that* bad. It was simply an implosion in a quarter of a big game. Kind of like the way they played against the Browns last season, but shorter (the Browns game was the entire game) and on a bigger stage.

I can only hope that they learn from this and move on.

Check out my wanker to see how Nick Saban takes on this "honor" this week.
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