Monday, September 18, 2006

The ruling on the field

Interestingly, JP Losman was sacked at one point, and appeared to fumble. The ball bounced around, and no one picked it up. The whistle blew, and the play "ended" with the ball still laying there. A Miami player casually picked it up and handed it to the ref.

Saban pulled out the red flag and threw it. The official came over, and advised Saban that the play was not reviewable, and then made an announcement to the crowd: the play was not reviewable because a defender had already stopped Losman, and he was ruled down, before the second defender came in and hit him to dislodge the ball.

And under that premise, the play would have still been reviewable under the new rules. The mitigating factor was that the ball remained on the ground untouched when the play was finally blown dead. Had Miami actually picked up the ball, the play would have been reviewable. But, the ref forgot to mention that.
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