Monday, September 18, 2006

Right Guard

This position needs one of those "now serving" machines associated with it. We started with Seth McKinney out there. He was placed in injured reserve with a neck injury. Joe Toledo got his shot, but wound up on IR with a knee injury. Joe Berger got a turn, but has a foot injury that still hasn't healed. Bennie Anderson started both of the first two games, but he tore his bicep and will be out for an indefinite period of time. Currently Kendall Jacox is playing the position.

We're 2 weeks into the season, and are on player #5 in that spot.

I heard my grandmother on the phone with the team yesterday, so it could be that they're going to ask her to make yet another comeback.
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Newly-signed will Whitticker will be # 6.

Someone should tell him he doesn't know how to spell Whitaker.