Monday, September 25, 2006

Quick hits from the game

I was among the webmasters invited to sit down in the visiting team dugout.
Its basically at the back of the west endzone. From that vantage point, I
had a unique view of the game.

...Chris Chambers scores an apparent TD. The officials rule he's down at
the one. The linesman and the back judge confer right in front of us. The
umpire says "watch coach, he might throw the flag. Keep an eye out for it."
I guess they didn't want to get caught in the same situation again.

...there was a play right in front of us that appeared to have some
infraction (a hold as I recall). Everyone starts yelling at the ref to make
a call. He smirks. Okay, a little explanation here: just before the game,
we were watching warmups and this same ref was walking by, and the same guy
says to him "be sure and call them right today." And he shoots back "Yeah,
maybe I'll give the home team one or two little ones."

...Daunte Culpepper's family was sitting right next to us. There was a guy
in the first row of the stands who was bad mouthing Culpepper. One of the
family members stands up and says he'll take the guy on. It gets ugly until
a security guard intervenes. I decided I would only cheer for Daunte,

...Pac Man Jones had a return that he took to the house, which was in front
of us. We had the benefit of being able to see the yellow flag that brought
it back. He didn't. I taunted him - "Hey Pac Man, look around! That's
right, its going back, jerky!" Whether he actually heard me or not is
debatable, but he turns around to see the laundry and skulks back up field.
I of course did the Pac Man sound. Wa wa wa waaaaaa....

....I got a chance to say hello (and congrats) to Udonis Haslem of the Heat.
He was on the field explaining to the Phins what being a champion is all

...Big Papa Pump was right above us in the stands. Everyone who walked by
throughout the game who was a dolphins official or a stadium official said
"Hey Big Papa" The guy definitely makes an impression on everyone.

...At one point, one of the stadium crew came by and told us we'd be on the
big screen. Cool. Except that when it happened, one of the Phins Force - a
really big guy - stood right in front of me. So, I never made it up there.

...You may have seen the pictures of Travis Daniels celebrating with the
fans. Yeah, those were all webmasters. I'm about three people to the left
of the picture. In other words, not shown.


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