Monday, September 18, 2006

Plays of the game

There are often one or two plays in a game that define the outcome of the game. In this game, there were two:

(1) Late in the second quarter, Miami was putting together a nice drive. Daunte drove them all the way down to the 14 with just over a minute left, and Buffalo leading 3-0. Its second down and 10, and Culpepper starts in the pocket, and rolls right. He sees McMichael in the endzone, and attempts a pass for him. The problem is that there were 3 defenders around McMichael, and at least 2 more nearby. He floats a pass in, and apparently never sees the db who picks it off at the 7 and ends the drive.

(2) Early in the 3rd quarter, Buffalo faced a 3rd and 12 from their own 46. Losman throws a deep pass toward Lee Evans. Will Allen has the coverage, but is clearly behind Evans. He's trying to catch up at full speed. The ball is overthrown, and it appeared to the Phin Ranter and I that Evans purposefully slowed down in order to cause a collision with Allen. And it happened: Allen never turned around, but upon seeing Evans slow down, put his hands up and hit Evans with his hands and tripped him. The flag flew and pass interference was called on Allen.

Buffalo had a 1st and goal at the 4, and scored on the next play.

Was the call right or wrong? It was probably wrong, because (a) the ball was overthrown and (b) the receiver appeared to draw the penalty. But, Allen still should have been smarter than that. He was outfoxed by Evans.
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