Friday, September 08, 2006

The play that changed the day

Miami had the lead, and had just punted, pinning the Steelers back at their own 13.
The Steelers lined up a pro set, and Miami was clearly thinking run. Batch dropped back, and looked left, thus drawing the safety that way. Heath Miller came a few yards upfield, and got behind Zach. Will Allen was caught flatfooted and Miller simply kept running all the way to the endzone.

I watched the replay, and there appeared to be some confusion on the coverage: Allen was gesticulating at the snap, and I can only assume that someone was out of position, and he was trying to fix it.

But, a TE gets behind the secondary? And then is able to outrun them? What is up with that?

...oh but of course, it doesn't end there. Miller clearly was out of bounds around the 2. But Saban had a brain fart, and decided not to challenge it. I'm guessing he was saving his challenge for when it really mattered. He should have hit the official with the flag, or run on the field with his arms flapping. Anything would have been better than what he did.

And take a look at the screen captures I found. Miller actually stepped out at about the 10! A review might have shown that to the officials as well, and Miami might have been able to recover.

Instead, that was the play that changed everything.
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