Monday, September 11, 2006

Maybe they weren't that good after all?

I noticed today that another of Dave's draft choices was cut. Wade Smith, who the Phins put out at left tackle (after playing in college mostly at center), and who looked bad out there (with good reason, see above), was let go after spending the first week on the inactive roster, and all of last season on injured reserve.

So, from Dave's drafts, beginning in 2000, we have only these players left:
Chris Chambers (01)
Travis Minor (01)
Seth McKinnery (02, injured reserve)
Randy McMichael (02)
Yermiah Bell (03)

And from Rick's one draft, we have:
Vernon Carey (04)
Rex Hadnot (04)
Derrick Pope (04)

...and in that span, they drafted 39 players, JJ traded one potential pick for Pat Sertain, and they traded 3 draft picks for Ricky Williams. Oh yeah, and of course Rick traded 3 of the 05 picks for 3 guys who are no longer here (Feeley, Lamar Gordon, and David Boston).

So, stop and think for a moment: Dave and Rick had 42 picks, plus Pat Sertain. Only 8 of these guys are still on the team, or 18.5% of the players selected in the 5 years before 2005. And, they put Nick in a hole by giving up three draft picks they didn't have.

Net-net, 83% of their draft picks are no longer with the team.
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