Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Kevin Carter in his own words

From the Palm Beach Post

It's almost time for the home opener, and for every player, those games are

This is my 12th home opener, and I'm thankful to still be starting, healthy
and doing what I love. Home openers hold a special place in my heart and are
always fun to be a part of.

Last year's opener at Dolphins Stadium against the Denver Broncos was
probably the most special, and not just because we beat a very good team.

I've played on two different teams previously and last year was just totally
new. It was the same thing in a way, but I felt so lucky just to be - and I
know it sounds kind of weird coming from a guy that's won a world
championship and gone to a Pro Bowl - but I felt giddy.

I felt like, "Wow, I'm a Miami Dolphin." The same team that I grew up
watching as a kid in Tallahassee and have always watched.

I've played for the Rams and the Titans, but to actually be in a uniform
that literally hits home to me, it affects me in a way that's almost a part
of my childhood.

You grow up watching a team and then you're playing for them, and it's just
a really cool thing to be in that uniform. It was like a dream come true,
something that I never thought would happen.

Hopefully we'll make it 2-0 in home openers. The Bills, from watching them
play the Patriots, are obviously tough. And obviously we are disappointed
that we didn't come away with a win in Pittsburgh, but from watching film
this week, I know we are not that far away from being a very good team.

Hopefully we'll show that on Sunday. With it being the home opener and the
special things that go along with it, I think we will.

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