Friday, September 01, 2006

It always comes down to the coin flip!

The Miami Dolphins invited the Dolphins webmasters to join a celebrity
fantasy football league, but space was limited. A few of us responded, and
there was some confusion about which Dave - Bitchin or Big - was included.

So, I offered to have a coin toss. Referee Phil Luckett was brought in for
the ceremony, and I got the call. He asked me to call it in the air, and as
it went up, I said "heads, I mean tails." and it came up heads.

He had to make a call to consult with the league office, but it was
confirmed that I had in fact lost
the coin toss. Big Dave from Phinfever got the spot.

Next time, there will be a rule change, and I'll have to call it before it's
flipped. :)

But, I'm thinking I might go ahead and play here on my webpage, and see how
I would have compared with the celebs!

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