Friday, September 08, 2006

Home cooking

A buddy of mine commented before the game that he hoped there wouldn't be a lot of ref bias toward the Steelers.

And, yet, I think there was. Sure, they didn't make a call on a play when Miami interfered with a receiver. But, there were some specific instances when they blew it in Pittsburgh's favor:

  • Santonio Holmes made a catch to keep their first TD drive alive. The ball clearly hit the ground (screen capture provided).
  • Charlie Batch was down before throwing an incompletion on a late drive (another capture)
  • There was an interference call against Miami, where the db and the receiver had their arms locked. Madden said it was clear the db had interfered. I was not convinced, because the wideout was trying to puch off and got his arm around Gooden's.
  • And finally, there was a block in the back on a big run by Parker that went uncalled. It was right in front of Saban, and I was dubious. The pulling guard hit the db in the back, and it should have been an illegal crackback block.
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