Friday, September 01, 2006

Follow up on comments last season

At the end of last season, I commented:
- At QB, there will probably be 5 or more to open training camp. Among them
will be Gus, not among them will be Sage. You can bet there will be some
talent among the rest.

That one came true, mostly, though the Phins let Gus go when they got

- At WR, I strongly believe that TO will not, ever, be in a Dolphins uni.
But, you might see another acqusisition.

There was a lot of depth at wideout, and clearly some of them will be very
good for someone. And I think you will see Booker and Chambers step up
their game.

- At RB, unless someone comes through with an "unbelieveable" offer for
Ricky, Ronnie and Ricky will be the backs again next year.

Well, Ricky was suspended, otherwise this woulda worked out.

- The o-line will see some changes with (I predict) two new starters next

Left tackle and right guard are different, and Hadnot shifted to center.

- The d-line may see a few changes at tackle, but its unclear who or what
may happen.

Miami picked up a few young d-lineman.

- At LB, Seau is not likely to be back, and I have a feeling the Phins may
take a long look at Zach. We'll see.

Seau was released and retired. Then, he went on to play for the Pats. I
suspect Zach will be used differently this year.

- At db, Sam Madison may have played his last down for the Phins. Reggie
Howard is a goner. And Lance Schulters probably won't be back.

All true

- I've heard that there may be a 30% turnover on the team overall, so that
would be about 15 new faces next year. Its not unlikely.

We'll see what happens after the last cut, but 15 new players seems
reasonable: 2 new QBs, half a dozen new dbs, 2 new o-line starters, and at
least 2 backups, Vick just to start...

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