Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dolphins get their first win!

With my view of the game, it was hard to see a lot of details, and catch the
subtlety of some plays. I have the game at home on Tivo, and my plan is to
watch it sometime before Friday.

But, in the meantime, here's my basic analysis of the game: the Phins came
in at 0-2, and looking pretty bad. They were facing a very bad 0-2 Titans
team. Simply because their expectations were higher, and the Phins were at
home, Miami was favored by 11. Yes, 11 points for a team that had only
scored 23 points in 2 games, while allowing 44.

Miami started off well enough, rolling out to a 3-0 and looking like a
cohesive team. Then, suddenly, Kerry Collins forgot who he was and thought
he was Dan Marino. He was hitting open receivers, moving the ball well, and
got the team on the board with a beautiful TD pass that appeared to only
happen because of a safety breakdown.

On offense, Miami went stagnant, or maybe Tennessee's defense got its legs,
and started playing well. Miami could do nothing, really, but I give credit
to Mike Mularkey for having the team continue to run the football, and for
throwing in a few end arounds to keep the defense slightly off balance. I
think it paid off in the end.

Meanwhile, the Titans were using the Tight End extensively, to try and take
advantage of poor safety play. But, a costly fumble at the goal line seemed
to change the momentum, and Collins started playing more like Collins and
was throwing wildly (heck, he threw a pass that was closer to a fan in the
upper deck than an actual receiver).

Miami scored a little bit later to take a lead. And then, after being tied
again, found a way to take a lead, and hold it. A late Travis Daniels
interception sealed the deal, and Miami held on to win late.

And while certain columnists may say Miami looked crappy playing an inferior
team, I'd disagree. Miami did look mediocre at best. But, half of the NFL
is playing at the same level. There are a few elite teams that make up
another quarter of the league, and a few horrid teams that make up the other

And as for playing an "inferior" team, remember the old adage "on any given
Sunday, any team can beat any other team." It still holds, and I'll take a
win any way you can in the NFL.

Miami stands at 1-2, and only a game back from the division leaders at 2-1.

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