Friday, September 01, 2006

Dolphins 29, Rams 9

That's an odd score for a game, isn't it?

What did we learn today, boys and girls? That Miami's backups can beat the Rams backups. And that's about all.

Sure, we saw some good play from Cleo Lemon. And we saw Marcus Vick play a little QB, and return a few punts, and catch a TD (ensuring he'll make the team). We saw some decent effort from pretty much every defensive back who won't be starting, except maybe for Jason Allen who looked better but not fantastic. And the running backs - Gerald Riggs and Kay Jay Harris - showed some things.

But, you can't gauge a team by how well its backups played in a totally meaningless game such as this. And it was such a yawner that I didn't even attend the game in person, instead deciding to watch it on TV.

...and so ends another preseason. Mock football is now over, and its time for the real deal.
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